Monday, April 20, 2009

Overcoming Child Abuse

Yesterday, I read the true story of Dave Pelzer, A Child Called, "It." One Child's Courage to Survive. When I say read, I need to admit to skimming parts. The torture he endured from his mother was too much to take in. I felt sick to read as much as I did.

Like I wrote in my post yesterday, it's impossible for good people to comprehend true evil. I cannot fathom how a mother could brutally torture and deliberately neglect her son. Nor, can I understand a father who would allow this to happen.

While I can understand (although not condone) a frustrated parent losing his or her temper and smacking a child, repeated abuse is beyond my comprehension.

However, Dave Pelzer went on to serve our county and earn a presidential award. He currently works to educate people about child abuse and works to abolish it. 

Have you ever witnessed child abuse?

For today:
Workout: 30 minutes combination of walking on the treadmill and jumping rope to a count of 100.
Nonfiction reading: The Lost Boy, by Dave Pelzer
Fiction Reading:
Affirmation: I have financial success, being of great service, in an easy, relaxed way.
Writing: newsletter article
Prayer: That I'll be of love and healing today.

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