Friday, April 24, 2009

Living in Earthquake Land

A few minutes ago, Southern California had it's third earthquake in the last 24 hours. I've grown up in Southern California, and weathered the earthquakes nature has thrown at us. I'm use to being


Deep breath. Ok, continue. I'm use to being woken up by an earthquake and judging the magnitude..."Oh, it's just a 3." Then I go back to sleep. Or, I'll be awake, and have a similar experience. Something to just shrug off.

But today's shaker, I have yet to find the magnitude, was scary because of the noise. I was descending the steps to my boyfriend, Don's basement, when a deafening boom happened. It sounded like an explosion, and it scared me because it's not a normal 3 pointer. (My ears are still ringing.)

Deep breath. Actually when I think about it, when you're close to the epicenter, the earthquake is louder. But the movement is also stronger. Ok, I'm thinking about enduring the Landers quakes, when I was in nearby Big Bear. Sevens. (That's another story.)

I'm in Yorba Linda right now. Last night's epicenter. I was driving home, so I didn't feel it. 

I'm feeling unsettled because of having 4 earthquakes. When you live in California, the specter of "The Big One" hangs over you. But mostly we ignore it. But not when a series of small quakes are occurring in the same area.

I'm hope it's just the earth letting off steam (not literally, of course) so we don't have a big one.

Prayers, everyone, that Southern California stays safe.

Anyone else experience those earthquakes?

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