Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mad at Chase Bank

I am not a ranter by nature. Usually I'm a calm, even-keeled person, who stays moderate in most things in life. But I have a situation that is making me crazy annoyed--my local branch of Chase Bank took out the drop box.

I didn't mind when Chase Bank bought out Washington Mutual. I even opened up a business checking account with them. But taking away the drop box definitely spiked my anger.


I deposit checks two or three times a week. I almost always use the drop box. I have my deposit prepared beforehand, so I just need to take two steps into the bank, drop the envelope into the slot of the box, grab a new envelope and deposit slip, and leave. 15 seconds max, maybe even 10.

Then one day, there was no drop box. When I enquired about it's absence, I was told the district manager had ordered them taken out, and that I was about the 6th person that had complained to this particular teller. I briefly spoke with the assistant manager, asking her to talk to the district manager to bring the box back. I assumed that when the DM found out how many customers were dissatisfied, he'd immediately return the box.


The next time I went into the bank, still no box. This time I asked for the DM's phone number but instead was given a customer service number. I called and complained. The next week, I again spoke to the bank manager. He said it was a Chase policy.

He wasn't real aware of the complaints about the drop box. I couldn't believe the lack of communication between the tellers and the branch manager. If that many customers are complaining, shouldn't he be told? Wouldn't he have let the tellers know that he wants information about problems?

I also feel that I'm battling alone. All the other dissatisfied people probably stop at complaining to the tellers. They don't take the time or effort to go the extra step. Or they shy away from confrontation. Therefore the branch manager, district manager, and Chase probably think they are dealing with just one crazy lady.

I still wasn't given the DM's phone number, but instead was given the assistant's. I left a message and she called me back, claiming the decision was Chase policy.

I checked on surrounding branches in the area that I occasionally use. They ALL have their drop boxes, so I've started using them instead of the branch I usually use. When I spoke with one manager about the box, she said, "We have no intention of removing the drop box. Our customers would be very upset."

So I was lied to about the decision being company policy. Obviously there could be some leeway with the choice.

That REALLY made me angry. I had planned to refinance my house with Chase. But instead, I took my business to the company who already had my mortgage--Wachovia, now becoming Wells Fargo. I also opened a checking and savings deposit with them. The drop box isn't an issue because I've never seen a line in this Wachovia branch and usually just walk up to a teller, hand her my mortgage payment and walk out. Same as using a drop box.

Yesterday, I forgot to drop off a deposit at the Chase branch I drive by, and needed to go into my branch. Still no drop box. That made me mad all over again.

I again called the customer service number and received the same bull--I could use the night drop or the ATM machine. I don't want to use the night drop because the deposits aren't recorded until the following day. Nor do I want to use the ATM because it takes more TIME. Especially if there's a line.

I also left another message for the DM's assistant.

I can't believe a company who previously didn't do business in California, but now, due to the takeover, is trying to build the brand, satisfy current customers and gather new ones, would make a STUPID, LITTLE decision that would cause customer dissatisfaction instead of satisfaction.

So easy to remedy!


  1. Debra,

    If you can stand to spend any more time on this, write a letter (just use this blog post even) to a senior executive at Chase. Sometimes that's the only way to get a company's attention.

    Paula B.

  2. Paula, I called the customer service department with the blog address. I also dropped off a note at the bank for the branch manager with the blog address.

    I'm glad I made the effort to blog, though. It made me feel better.