Friday, September 4, 2009

Love TWEET Love

What the world needs now ... is love ... TWEET ... love....

The last two days have been blessedly quieter for me. Except for the clients in my private practice, I have not worked. No consulting jobs this past Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wow. That hasn't happened in months. I'm had so much corporate crisis counseling work, that I've had to turn away a lot of jobs. I'm extremely grateful for the work and the opportunity to help others at a difficult time in their lives, yet I've also been more stressed and exhausted than I like.

With this free time, I've played on Twitter a lot more. To start off, I'm not a social networker. One of these days, I'll do Facebook, but in the meantime, I'm starting out in the shallow water of the Twitter pool.

Up until this week, I've often wondered why I'm doing it. I don't want to post a bunch of boring, personal tweets about what I'm doing. But I do want to pass on motivational, thoughtful, or interesting quotes. Maybe sometimes these quotes will even be mine.

Sometimes this has been a hassle. I prefer not to go to online quote sites and pick one out. Instead I like to glean them from the newspaper, magazines, talks, movies, blogs, emails. In other words, I stumble across them in my personal life, realize what I just read or heard is a great quote, and I save it to tweet.

I usually pop on Twitter once, maybe twice a day. Although there are times when I can go several days when I'm too busy. I try to follow people I know, or people who might inspire, motivate, and teach me. One website, I've learned about is Great blogs, often excerpts taken from self-help books. I've a couple of the books on my to-buy list.

But this week, I've had the luxury to play on Twitter. I've popped on a lot, getting to know more of my followers (all 130 of them). And I've had some wonderful experiences that have let me know that the Twitter World may be more exciting and interesting than I'd previously thought.

On Monday, I was engaged to speak on Woman's Day Radio for the debut show, What's Talkin' With Tra'Renee. My topic was Giving Up Your Job--For His.

About an hour before the show, I read on Twitter that Thomas Herold, owner of had a new blog post up, so I decided to read it. In the blog by Deborah King, author of Truth Heals: What You Hide Can Hurt You, she writes, "Throughout the generations, women have consistently lost their identities and stopped living their truth when they marry."

Wow. What a perfect quote to use as an discussion opener. I had a lovely interview, and did, indeed, mention Deborah's quote. Later that day, I googled her website and sent her an email to let her know what I'd done. I also found her on Twitter and began to follow her.

Yesterday, one of my followers, whom I slightly know from one of my writers online groups, posted about having a meltdown. Normally, I wouldn't have seen this post, but since I was visiting the site a lot, it caught my attention. And, of course, I had to find out more. I sent her a direct mail, wondering what was wrong.

Turns out, Crystal-Rain Love had been laid off and was afraid she'd lose her house. The discussion with the mortgage lender was what sent her into a meltdown. I wrote back something supportive, but wanted to do more to help, so I went to her website: and from there to her publisher: to buy her two books. Cost to me, less than $10.00. The books are ebooks, so I downloaded them right away.

But it occurred to me that I could send out a tweet about Crystal's plight, and maybe some of my numerous (I'm thinking positive, here.) followers might also buy Crystal's books. Then I went to our writers group, posted about Crystal's problems and asked that others also tweet about her. I imagined my little email and tweet about Crystal being spread around the internet, hopefully generating enough books sales to tide her over until she found work.

In helping Crystal, I found myself uplifted. Her situation (like that of so many others) reminded me to appreciate my wonderful life and express gratitude for my blessings. So Crystal ended up helping me far more than I helped her. :)

A little while later, someone I was following posted about an online writers auction for author, Janis Reams Hudson, who needs a lung transplant, and I retweeted it. That's when I realized how much social networking, especially Twitter, could be a wonderful source for GOOD! Wow.

Later that day, Deborah King became a follower, listened to the radio show, and emailed me a compliment. Icing on the cake for my Twitter day.

A few minutes ago, an organization I'm following,, posted the line from the Carpenters' song, What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love. That's when the Tweet Love play on words popped into my mind and inspired this blog. Can't wait to see what other Twitter wonders lie in store!

What good things has happened to you from using Twitter or other social media?

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  1. Dear Madam,

    I subscribe to your thoughts. Infact generated new thought processess as well.

    Thanks so much.

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    Ajit Varwandkar