Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sensitive People

I notice my last post was about sensitive people, and I mentioned that I'd work on the ebook about Sensitivity. However, circumstances changed, and I've been frantically finishing my book on boundary setting with difficult people. It's supposed to be available at the end of May.

Consequently, I haven't been posting on this blog nor adding columns to my website. But last week, I realized I should send my webmistress the column I had on Sensitivity, which had been languishing in a folder. She posted it yesterday. (See

Last night, I received an email from a woman, inquiring about therapy sessions. She works near my office.

Today when she came in, she had a printout of the article and told me it described her--"every word." She said she was going to keep a copy in her purse and refer to it often.

Wow. Unknowingly, my new client gave me an important message. See, I'm exhausted from working so much (went to a company today, where a popular supervisor had committed suicide) and trying to cram writing in at all hours with a short deadline hanging over my head. It seems like the more I write, the more there is to write. My client made me remember WHY I'm doing this--because what I write can help others. What a blessing!