Friday, May 1, 2009

In Search of Replenishment

After months of consulting jobs, projects, and clients, I'm desperately in need of replacing my energy. I'm very blessed to be working so much, and if I want to continue at this pace, I need to recharge.

So I'm heading to the mountains to my family's cabin near a lake for four days. I'm going by myself, so I can follow my own inclinations, which I already know will be read, write, sleep, maybe some walks, garden and more sleep. I'm also doing a juice/tea/water/detox fast.

I plan to return with several thousand words written of my novel, two chapters done (rough draft) for my nonfiction book on dealing with difficult people, and a column (overdue) completed. Oh, and that newsletter I've been promising my new subscribers...

Can't wait to get there...  :)

What do you do to replenish?