Monday, October 10, 2011

Here are the next covers in the Montana Sky Series. What do you think?

I'm about two thirds through writing Stormy, and hope to have it published in December. I originally thought I'd get it done by November, but I've been working on other things as well.

Originally, I only had four books planned for the series. Then, about two months ago, another book idea came to me. I realized, the new story, Sheltering Montana Sky, was actually book four. So now I have five books in the series. I've also thought of three novellas, two of which I might write before Sheltering.

I'm finding my creativity is exploding with story ideas, and I'm taking notes on various stories when the ideas come to me. It's hard to stick to writing Stormy because I want to explore the others as well.


  1. Debra, I love these even more than the first two covers!

    Did you have the same artist do them? I'm trying to decide whom to choose to do a couple of ebook covers, and I would love to have something this beautiful.

  2. I love the series! Keep writing past book five! Hard to find a good series and I've found one in the Montana Sky series!