Sunday, July 19, 2009

What if ETs Exist?

Although I'm an avid science fiction and fantasy lover, the concept of aliens visiting Earth isn't something I devote a lot of thought to. I do believe that God probably created life in more places than just Earth, but I don't pay much attention to the idea of UFOs. (Except when I'm driving late at night, all alone, up the winding road, to Big Bear Lake, in the mountains, and see a light streak across the sky...)

Then last night, while in the car, I was listening to what I thought was a current talk radio show, but it turned out to be one from about 15 years ago. (I hadn't chosen the station.) In it, the host was describing some alien autopsy photos that had been released to the internet. These were taken from some supposed footage shot by a cameraman in 1947 on an alien autopsy. The radio host sounded pretty excited about the story and the possibility that these could be real.

I couldn't wait to get home to my computer to see the pictures and read about the buzz on the internet. Then the topic switched to the problems in Bosnia.... And I thought, "How can there be a war in Bosnia again? I know I haven't been watching/reading the news much, but I don't think I would have missed this."

Sure enough, an internet search revealed this was a hoax from the 1990's. (When you check out twitter, and the only Roswell posts have to do with driving though the place, or visiting it, that pretty much gives you a clue.)

But I decided the thoughts I had while listening to the show are still valid.

If the government does have evidence of ETs, I believe, this is a good time to come out with the known facts. Why?

1. Most Americans under the age of 50 have grown up with science fiction television, movies, and books. It's not that you can't be a SF fan if you're over 50, but you didn't have as much available to you to make it seem "normal" when you were growing up.

We've had our share of aliens as bad guys. (Independence Day is one of my favorite movies.) But we've also had plenty of aliens as good guys. Aliens can be funny, silly, crafty, or honorable--think Star Wars, or Star Trek--just like humans. Therefore the concept of real life Aliens, might not terrify the people of today in the same way they would have 60 years ago.

2. If the government has any "proof" of aliens, UFOs, etc, they probably would have gathered it over many decades. The fact that we've had sightings or visits but nothing bad has happened in all that time should reassure many. If the aliens were going to destroy us, they would have had plenty of opportunity before now.

3. If Roswell (1947) really happened, that crash is old news, and the truth, while exciting, would not evoke the fear that would happen if a UFO had crashed last week.

4. We've put men on the moon, and a space station in space. There are private companies trying to build space ships for commercial use. The idea of space travel is more of a reality than it's ever been.

5. Although I disagree with some of President's Obama's policies, I do think he's the type of president who would be willing to admit the truth.

So I call upon President Obama. Please, between your important work as the President of the United States, husband, and father, could you set aside some time to find out what the government really knows about UFOs and aliens? Then, once you've been briefed, please have a press conference and release the information, even if the news is that we don't have any information. Let's silence the Roswell controversy once and for all.


  1. Ok, this turned out differently than I thought it would. I had the idea half way through that you were somehow listening to a radio show from years ago, in real time (you know, like it was happening RIGHT NOW) and how cool that would be as an experience. Instead, simply a very reasonable call for the truth that's out there to come out. Are you familiar with The Disclosure Project?

    Rick K

  2. If any official (president or not) says we have no real information the debate will continue

  3. Not familiar with the disclosure project. I'll look it up one of these days.